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Huddled. A 200 word RPG. • 2018 rpg

David Dawkins •

A domed city contains the last 5,000 humans on the planet. 

A catastrophe will soon end it all. Define it.

Each player answers three questions to define their character:
Why do you deserve to be here?
Why don't you deserve to be here?
How are you involved in the imminent catastrophe?

Briefly describe how you all gathered together. What are you collectively hoping to achieve?

Scene One
The main obstacle to overcoming the catastrophe

Scene Two
Meeting the characters who will help/hinder - each player may define one or two NPCs.

Scene Three
Crisis Point: Challenging the obstacle.

Scene Four
Crisis Point: Who is the betrayer? Are the repenting or continuing? Who are they betraying you all to? What nature does the betrayal take?

Scene Five
Crisis Point: Saving humanity. Or not.

Players roll 9d6. 1-3 is a low point for a character. 4-6 is a high point. Each Crisis requires at least ten points to pass. Players must use three die at each Crisis. It may not be possible to "Win". Let us know how it all ends.

Author Comments

First time trying this. Will be interested in the stories anyone generates by playing this

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