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Dreamworld: Penny For Your Thoughts • 2018 rpg

Andrew Metzger • sleep,

    perchance to dream...

Ay, there's the rub

    for in this sleep of death

            what dreams may come?
 - Hamlet

Distribute 8 points across Willpower, Imagination, Intelligence, and Dreaming.

Choose one Downside per skill (the greater the skill, the more dangerous its Downside):

Willpower invites Vice
  Imagination breeds Phobia
    Intelligence hides Secrets
      Dreaming shelters Irresponsibility

Calculate your Dreamworld abilities:

   Dexterity = Dreaming * Intelligence
   Strength = Dreaming * Willpower
[*]Legerdemain = Dreaming * Imagination
   Health = Intelligence * Willpower
   Perception = Intelligence * Imagination
   Charisma = Willpower * Imagination

[*] dream abilities: flying, breathing underwater, summoning objects...

To use an ability, flip a coin. Heads is +1, tails is -1. Flip until you get the other side: Heads, Heads, Tails is a +2; Tails, Heads is a -1. Add that to your ability, and compare it to either the difficulty of the situation (from failproof 0 to impossible 16), or by comparing your roll to the target's: racing Dexterity vs Dexterity, punching Strength vs Health, bluffing Charisma vs Perception.

As Dream Weaver, your job is to narrate the Dreamworld. Use Downsides against them to bring their nightmares to life - complete with running in slow motion.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.
 - John Lennon

Author Comments

This game is based on a work-in-progress by yours truly, a rules-light game of dreams, nightmares, and the strange, interesting escapists who inhabit them.

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