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Family Reunion • 2018 rpg

Douglas R Briggs • no link

Family Reunion
A 200-word role-playing game for 4-9 players

Your family is coming to your house for the holidays. Hijinks ensue.

Each player chooses an identity, personality, and a "twist" from among these or one she makes up:
	* has an embarrassing secret
	* secretly hates someone else, but cannot say so
	* off her meds
	* dying, with nothing to lose
	* showed up anyway after declining
	* intends to get drunk
	* must leave early
	* recently went vegan
	* is pregnant (again?)
	* just lost a job
	* brought a store-bought dessert

One player chooses to be the host.

	* Arrival:
	  - As guests arrive, each introduces herself.  Host assigns guests into groups of 2-3 to mingle.
	  - Members of each group decide to do something about one of their twists during dinner.
	* Dinner:
	  - The host announces dinner and seats the guests around the table.
	  - Dinner is served in three courses: salad, entree, and dessert.  The host decides when each course is done and leaves the table between courses.
	* Cleanup:
	  - After dessert, any guest who thinks s/he has satisfied her twist can leave.
	  - The last guest to remain must help clean up.
	  - The host and last guest must resolve one of their twists.

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