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Reykjavik • 2018 rpg

Gene Astadan •

World powers vie for supremacy at a chess tournament.

A chess set (32 pieces) is placed into a bag. 4-6 players take turns drawing pieces from the bag until all pieces are taken. If a player already has a King, they re-draw.

Play alternates between turns of Diplomacy and Match Phases.

Players holding a King are Superpowers. Superpowers seek an Ally from the other players to commit their pieces during the Match using Diplomacy. Players that are neither Superpowers nor Allies are Hosts.

Superpowers face each other and commit up to four of their pieces including their King. Allies decide to commit and add any of their pieces to either side.

Kings and Pawns have no value. Queens are worth two. All other pieces are worth one.

The side with the higher value wins.

The losing Superpower surrenders a random piece to the winner. On a Draw the Hosts win and they draw from either side until each host has a piece.

Victory is declared when one player has both Kings or after ten turns. After ten turns, Kings and Pawns are counted as 1 point each. The highest total wins, or the status quo preserved.

Author Comments

One town’s very like another When your head’s down over your pieces, brother

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