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Of Monsters, Fairytales, Morbidness and Loss • 2018 rpg

Lorenzo Garmr •

Setting: twisted woods, misty ruins, hedge-maze, masked dance...

Everyone plays an archetype, variety is preferrable.
Hunters, bitter, wary. 
Fair Innocents, may bait into traps.
Monsters, twisted, seductive to morbid minds. 
Beasts, ancient, ravenous, cannot speak.

Start with three cards. In your turn, you wander. Perform one, giving brief description: 

-Encounter someone sitting next to you. They close their eyes. Whisper in their ear what you do and/or say and a glimpse of your appeareance. Place a bond card from your hand and draw one.  
Bond cards represent what you feel or show in your encounter towards the other. 
Clubs, understanding.
Diamonds, craving.
Hearts, fondness.
Pikes, aggression.

-Recollect, investigate. Check in secret all bonds between you and another.

-Run. Exchange seats with someone; remove your bonds.  

-Slay someone next to you.
Hunters and innocents can't slay each other. 
Monsters cannot slay someone who has last shown them fondness. 
Beasts may only slay someone who has last shown them or they have last shown to aggression. 
Innocents may only slay someone who last shown them fondness. 

Play in turns until the story feels concluded. 
Being slain is a loss, but so is the slaying of someone who trusted you. 

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