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A Haunted House • 2018 rpg

Chris Hallberg •

Gather all players around a Ouija board.

> Setup

On a shared card, each Ghost writes the name of their spirit, a Personal Item in the House related to their life or death, and whether their spirit is Good or Evil. This card is for Ghosts only.

On a second card, write which Rooms the Ghosts reside in. Give this card to the Visitors.

> Play

Visitors go from Room to Room in the House. To ask a question, a Visitor and ALL Ghosts place their fingers on the Ouija's planchette. Only the Ghost in the same Room as the Visitor may answer.

Visitors can RELEASE a Ghost by bringing their Personal Item to the correct Room. A Released Ghost manifests and can have a moment of direct interaction with the Visitors, such as speaking to, touching, or attacking the Visitors.

Visitors can BANISH a Ghost by throwing their Personal Item into the Fireplace or bringing their Personal Item to the Room of another Ghost (even accidentally). A Banished Ghost falls silent.

> Visitor Motivations

Why are you here? A few suggestions:

- CHILD (neutral, suggestible)
- FAMILY (seeking specific spirit)
- LIBERATOR (release all spirits)
- PRIEST (banish evil)
- VILLAIN (release evil)
- SHOPKEEPER (steal Personal Items)

Author Comments

Wanted to put that abandoned Ouija Board everyone forgot they had to good use.

I am not liable for the actions of uninvited players who are no longer with us.

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