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Or Ash Tong • 2018 rpg

Aron Zell •

Or Ash Tong is a land isolated by mountains on the east and south, and the Great Ocean on the west. Dangers abound in the forests like the Hairy Men, and the terrible Rex; a mutant made of ancient bones. The ruins of Se'tle, Coov'r, and Orland hide wonders but also the ravenous Pale Ones, the metal munching Steel Backs, and the Glow Fog. 

One's only safety is in the villages of Humans and Cys; Costal Rence or Toria, green Ug'ne, and busy Olym. These places offer safety, resources, and the cult of World Turners; recipients of the small gift who can now control the forces of Nature. 

Or Ash Tong requires a Game Master (GM) and at least one player. The player creates a character by a simple declarative sentence. For example:

"Essa is a dark skinned World Turner and mother."

Tasks are declared by the player and resolved by a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors played between the player and the GM. Difficulty is set by the GM as to how many hands the player needs to win; Easy: 5 out of 7, Hard: 3 out of 5, Difficult: 2 out of 3, Insane: 1 out of 1. 

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