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The Brawn Solution • 2018 rpg

Emile St. Secaire • no link

You are a fighter or martial artist in an ancient tradition of protecting your community and bettering yourself. Wits, charm, planning -- the tactics of cowards. The only tools you have to solve any problem are your enormous, rippling muscles. Train and fight!

There are five main groups of muscles. Put +3 in one, +2 in two, and +1 in two.
Pecs: Raw strength. Lifting, pushing, flexing.
Abs: Endurance and stamina. Resistance.
Biceps (and arms): Refined muscle and discipline.
Quads (and legs): Running, jumping, and dancing.
Glutes: Booty. Embrace Eros!

	There are three possible levels of Ridiculosity. Choose one whenever you roll.
1: Action hero posing
2: Anime hero monologue
3: JRPG villain monologue

	When you set a goal and strive for it, add your Muscle to some Ridiculosity and roll that many d6s. Count the dice that come up 3 or more and consult below:
1: Make yourself happy
2: Get something done but look dumb OR impress someone but fail
3: Do something the right way, and don't even get hurt!
4: Do something that achieves your goals OR don't break anything
5: Do the right thing
6: Vindicate previous actions

Author Comments

With credit to Lydia H.

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