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This is Rome • 2018 rpg

Son K • no link

Build a history with some cards...

2-4 players
Poker deck

Lay five cards facedown like a cross. Flip up the center card. This is Rome. Everyone draws two cards.
   | |
 _  _  _
| || || |
   | |
2-10: 2-10
Faces: 12
Aces: 15

Hearts: Food
Diamonds: Wealth
Clubs: Hostiles
Spades: Neutrals

Take turns. Choose one action. Describe scenes!

Explore - Play Diamond. Flip one unexplored card up. Place tokens if food, hostiles, or neutrals, equal to its value.
Grow - Play Spade. Place Spade's value in tokens on food OR place food on an empty space.
Harvest - Pick up a faceup wealth, becoming empty.
Fight - Play Club. Transfer Club's value in tokens from hostiles OR from neutrals to any food. Tokenless tribes become empty. Attacked Neutrals become hostile.
Et Tu? - Play King. Take any card from another player.

Everyone can play Rome once per season for actions. Don't remove it.

Spring ends when actions are impossible.

Next season...
Extend the cross with four more cards.  Reshuffle played cards. Everyone draws two. Place one token per food for free unless it's winter.
Remove food tokens equal to all hostile values and every player. Rome falls if you starve.

The game ends when winter passes.

Author Comments

Inspired by many games of survival, this game is a way to build an empire’s legacy with just playing cards. Highly influenced by Microscope but with more mechanical oomph. Playable, but you may want to add your own flavor.

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