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Homestead • 2018 rpg

Casey Johnson •

The land is desolate, yet the Farmer came to love this place.

Choose to play: the Farmer; the Wind and Sun; the Waters and Rain; the Black Earth; or Verdant Life. One player must be the Farmer.

Take a blank paper. This is the map of the homestead.

Each round of play is one season. Each season the Farmer will build upon their work, and one of the elemental forces will cause trouble in accordance with their nature. The rest shall help or hinder the Farmer by their whims.

Each season, every player takes one action:
To cause trouble 
To aid one another 
To cultivate the land
To speak and grow close
To show another your heart
Or they pass unseen

When you take an action, roll 1d4.
1- Things go better than expected
2- Things go as you planned them
3- Things go as you wish, but there is a drawback or flaw that must be addressed
4- You taste failure and your plan backfires

Whenever an action resolves, update the homestead accordingly. 

Play ends should the Farmer die, or should the land grow green and the Farmer come to love it.

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