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Recall • 2018 rpg

Vernon Wong •

2 players
A deck

A message echoes. A distant reply. Perhaps a hope.
Each needs what the other has.
Neither knows who the other is, but do what they must.


Extract from a deck of cards a stack of Aces(1), Twos, Threes, and two Fives.
Shuffle this stack together.
Deal five cards from this stack to each player; set the remainder aside.
Cards represent energy, materials, fuel, etc.

Players begin 18u apart.


Define u. A mile? A league? A light year?
Define a turn. An hour? A day? A decade?
Define player characters. Bandit impersonating a savior? Distress beacon as bait?

Each turn:
- Both PCs may play one card and move up to that many u forwards or backwards.
- Black cards are memories. Red cards are obstacles.
- Both PCs create a respective entry in his/her personal journal; frame the scene or tell an anecdote.
- Communicate. Or don't.

Continue until at least one player empties his/her hand.
If PCs do not meet, resolve the story.
If PCs meet, reveal PCs and resolve the story.
If a contest/fight occurs, each player may play one card. Higher wins.

One more entry, then share journals.

Author Comments

Inspired by every single time those FTL distress beacons turns out to be a lurking pirate. But what else can we do with a rendezvous?

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