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Game Anime Pilot • 2018 rpg

William Benjamin John SinbadEV Davis •

You are Competitors on a Game anime series. The pilot needs to sell people the Game and demonstrate how it works. The rules? I'm sure the writers will come up with something...

Each turn a Competitor describes Actions establishing Aspects (mechanics/components/states) of the Game.
("I draw a disk! I place a disk face down on the map!")

Competitors taking Actions referring to Aspects established by another Competitor collect a Token from a central pool.
("I draw a tool and place it face up on the map!")

Another Competitor can Act during the active Competitor's turn by giving them a Token.
("I play a stone from my garden to block!")

If a Competitor's Action contradicts an Aspect, another Competitor can challenge. If the Competitor can defend their Action, they proceed, otherwise they give a Token to the challenger.
("You drew too many tiles!" "I'm drawing up to seven!" vs "You've already collected resources!" "Oops.")

A Competitor possessing 3 or more Tokens can establish "end condition" Aspects.
("I need 2 more flowers to win!")

When all Competitors have at least 3 Tokens, Competitors can take Actions that end the Game.
("My bus is level 20! I win!")

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