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An Uneasy Council • 2018 rpg

Ben Wray • no link

Each player comes up with 4 spells on index cards. The GM chooses a number, equal to the number of players, for the Antagonist, shuffle the rest. Deal 1 to each player, that PC alone knows that spell. Deal 1 more for each player, everyone BUT that PC knows that spell (including the Antagonist). Reveal the rest, each player receives 100 points to bid on them. After bidding, each player notes down how many players have fewer points than them, plus one: this is how many spells they can prepare at any given time.

Each player names their character and answers the following questions:
-How can anyone observing you instantly tell you are a wizard?
-Why have you sworn vengeance against the Antagonist?
-Why are the other wizards wise not to trust you completely?

When accomplishing things, magic always works, although you can only cast each spell once before you must prepare it again at your library. When using mundane effort, there's a 50% chance of success, unless the GM rules that is too high (the action simply fails) or too low (it succeeds).

Play begins with the wizards gathered in uneasy council to discuss the problem of the Antagonist.

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