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Being Ogrim Stormbane • 2018 rpg

Marc Majcher •

The arch-wizard Thelgrim the Pale has cursed legendary warrior Ogrim Stormbane! Now, curious patrons may pay 200 silver to crawl through portal beneath the seventh floor of the sorcerer's seclusium; Therein they will experience Ogrim's adventures through his senses for a time, as if they were inside his head!

Players take turns being Patrons. Someone will play Ogrim, the other players are the World. Set a timer for fifteen minutes. A Patron may only ask questions, starting with "where is Ogrim?" They may ask what they see, what Ogrim's doing, etc, and the others must answer them.

Ogrim will never die, and ultimately always triumphs. He will encounter trouble, though. Roll 2d6 for conflicts: 

2-5:  Something terrible happens
6-8:  Succeed, and something new is discovered
9-12: Ogrim is victorious!

After fifteen minutes, the Patron ejects roughly from Ogrim's mind, landing leagues away aside the Kingsroad. Patrons may take as many turns as desired. Patrons hold one after each adventure; they may use a hold to add +1 to a roll, partially narrating the outcome. If an adventure passes without Ogrim making an unassisted roll, the Patron permanently takes over Ogrim's body, and the game is over.

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