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Fade In • 2018 rpg

Edward Edwards •

Players sit around a typewriter.

Their boss comes in the room.

"How's that screenplay coming along?" Blank stares. "Did I forget to tell you to do it? Why didn't you idiots remind me?! We needed it yesterday! Get to it! I'll pop in with some notes from time to time. Get it done." He slams the door.

Players each take 5 minute turns working on a screenplay. The other players are allowed to read along with the writing, and can talk and make suggestions, but whoever's turn it is has final say, and once their turn is over what they've written can't be edited.

At the beginning of each turn, a d10 is rolled, wherein the boss pokes his head in and gives you feedback that must be followed during that turn:

1:  Somebody dies
2:  Focus on the love subplot
3:  Make a low-brow joke
4:  Expose character flaw in the hero.
5:  Plug Pepsi
6:  Increase the stakes!!!
7:  Give villain a relatable moment.
8:  Flashback!!!
9:  Make tasteful allusion to classic literature for the critics.
10: Sex it up.

After everybody's had three turns, the players have to act it out.

Use two d10.

Author Comments

I typed it out and it was exactly 200 words! Magical. A computer can be used in place of a typewriter, obviously. Needed that flavour, though.

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