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Bugbears • 2018 rpg

William Duryea •

You bugbear. Bigger than human. Stronger. But bugbears can't get shit together. Can't cooperate. Victimized by human, who work as one, even when many. This about to end. All bugbears gang up, plan revenge.

Go in room. Find trash can. Dump on floor. Each pick through trash til find three things. Pick at same time. Fight for what want! Each use garbage, craft god. This your fetish. 

Everyone tell story behind fetish. Tell what is, how it part of you. Talk pain. Talk sacredness. Talk magic. When done, admire fetishes. Tell each other, "How pretty. How cool."

Now humankind pay. Make plans do simple thing: Go supermarket. Go bar. Must be outside, where human dwell. While plot, remember fetish. If bugbear disrespect fetish, call out on bullshit. Hold fetish high. All other shut up until done scold.

Scheme complete? Go out. Follow plan. Bring fetishes. Make sure human see them. Be proud! If human ask about fetish, tell its story. Finish plan. Return room.

Congratulate all on victory. Give big hairy back pats. Brag. Don't forget fetishes! When all feel good about selves, return to dens.

Or: Throw fetish back in trash can anytime. Become human. Leave room, game forever.

Author Comments

You can find my original (longer) draft of the game here:

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