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Beyond the Howling Sands • 2018 rpg

Joe Turner •

Embers of your lives flutter down behind you. The town is gone, although for now icy flames still roar and shadowy beasts roam the ruins. No turning back. At least you still have one another and, perhaps beyond the howling sands, a new home. 

3-5 people play a family of survivors crossing a vast desert. Explain your relationship to the person on your right. ("I am Talibah, estranged aunt of Mahdi"). All players roll 2D6. These represent items salvaged as you fled.

The GM sets 1D6+3 obstacles to your journey (bickering, crevasse, Apep, etc.), each a 10min sand-timer long. Give up your resources to overcome them, spending your pre-rolled dice to beat target numbers. Describe the item and aspect it represents of the life you left behind. You may take another player's dice if you can justify this through your familial relationship. All discussions in character.

Fail to overcome an obstacle in time or complete all obstacles and the game ends. 
Failed obstacle: Describe the final action you take towards the family member to your left.
Obstacles complete: Describe your remaining items. How do you use them to build a new life? Who with?

Author Comments

Beyond the Howling Sands is an RPG intended to generate a sense of family on a journey. There is bickering, yes, but bigger challenges to overcome together. Inspired by Lost in Space and the mad (but lovely) families I get to spend so much time with.

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