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An Unsuspicious Night Out • 2018 rpg

Daniel Riccardo Rossi Travis •

You're kids (teenagers, coworkers...) out for a playdate (movie, pizza...).

Each player chooses a Target player and secretly writes two commonly used words (called "Triggers"): "yes", "sure", "but", "okay", "still"...
If they know the Target's player enough, they can write a word the Target specifically uses very often.

Now they explain their relationship to everyone else: "friends since forever", "still getting to know you" and so on.

A player tells something about themselves (a funny thing they did/saw, a little gossip...), then asks another player something ("What about you?" is fine).
Continue until everyone has spoken, then repeat.

Whenever your target speaks a Trigger, stop them.
You noticed a suspicious detail in them: what? (e.g. "Is that blood?").
The target can find an Explanation for the detail, like "Accidental cut" (you secretly write +1 Trigger), or deny it with an Excuse, like "Oh, just ketchup" (you write +2).

When someone reaches 3 Explanations/Excuses, they must reveal their horrifying secret (invent it now; make it coherent with all accepted details).
They then secretly write 2 Triggers with "everyone else" as a target.

The game ends when everyone's secrets are in the open (the last revelation is optional).

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