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Special Counsel • 2018 rpg

Martin Lloyd •

Player 1: The President
Player 2: The Counsel

The President writes a description of an impeachable crime they have committed and places it in a sealed envelope.

The counsel starts with five leads. Each turn they follow a lead by describing it, rolling a die, adding any leverage and checking the table below. The President describes the results, the Counsel writes them down. Lose all leverage and one lead at the end of a turn.

1-	Fake news! End turn.
2.	Investigation leaks. -1 leverage. Reroll.
3.	Money trail . Reroll. 
4.	Uncover associates scandal +1 leverage. (flip?) Reroll.
5.	Uncover associates crime. +1 leverage. (flip?). Reroll.
6.	Uncover Presidential scandal. +1 leverage. Reroll. 
7.	Related Presidential crime. +1 leverage +1 lead. Reroll.
8.	Evidence against the President. End turn.
9.+	Overreach. End turn.

The counsel may try once to flip associates they find. Play rock, paper, scissors.

President wins: Associate exonerated. End turn.
Tie: Associate destroyed. Counsel +1 lead. End turn.
Counsel wins: Associate flipped. Counsel +1 lead. Continue turn.

Play until the Counsel loses by running out of leads or wins by securing three pieces of evidence against the President. The winner describes the consequences.

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