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Empathy Test • 2018 rpg

J.D. •

Required: 2 players. 3 sets of 6d6. 2 notecards.

One player: IMPRINT, bio-machines with implanted memory ECHOES.
Other: RAZOR, evaluate and decommission IMPRINTS.

IMPRINT, assign 6d6 to 6 ECHO descriptions.
RAZOR, assign 6d6 to 6 EDGES: specific phases.

RAZOR, hand 2d6 third set to Imprint. HOLD 4d6.

RAZOR, establish PROBLEM: hypothetical emotional scene. Roll HELD dice, PLAY any amount, ask "What're you doing?"

IMPRINT, roll HELD dice. Take narrative control by PLAYING dice to meet RAZOR's totaled PLAYED. If you cannot, play none, only respond.

Reaction time is a factor.

Player with higher PLAYED total determines PROBLEM ending; keep scenes brief. Players pass PLAYED dice, HOLD passed with non-played dice for next PROBLEM.

RAZOR, quote EDGE during PROBLEM, include IMPRINT's action, instead ask "Why are you doing this?" Roll EDGE, PLAY with others. Discard afterward.

IMPRINT, reference ECHO before PLAYING rolled dice, roll ECHO, PLAY with others. Discard afterward.

Testing ends after one player uses all EDGES / ECHOES.

Players roll HELD and unused EDGES / ECHOES. Player with more dice begins physical scene, PLAYING any amount. Match PLAYED total to take narrative control. Discard dice once PLAYED. Once unmet, narrate conclusion including / avoiding decommission.

Author Comments

Inspired by Blade Runner.

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