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Revolution! • 2018 rpg

Robert Carnel •

Create a dystopia that your characters currently live in and a utopia your characters wish to replace it with.

Take a d20 representing the Revolution Level and set it's value to 1. 

Each player should have a character with a name, ambition and principle.

The game is played for a fixed amount of time. If the time expires before the Revolution Level hits 20 then the revolution is crushed and the characters executed, exiled or ostracised.

Players now take turns to frame scenes starting with the player who has most recently been in trouble for political or social activism and proceeding anti-clockwise.

During a scene the revolutionary must propose a course of action that will advance the cause. If they wish other character's help they include those characters in the scene and try to persuade them in-character.

They then roll a d20 trying to beat the current Revolution Level. If they succeed the Revolution Level increases one, otherwise it decreases one and all characters involved in the scene must skip their next scene framing as they escape the persecution and consequences of their failure.

Characters may cross out their ambition or principle to turn a failure into success.


Author Comments

This game was inspired by the centenary of Russian Revolution and the Black Hack’s collapsing die. It’s meant to be played with about 4-6 players so if playing with fewer you might want to swap the d20 with a d12. I am hoping to playtest and release an expanded version of the game with a few more gameplay options than you can get in 200 words.

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