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Existential Crisis • 2018 rpg

Jeff Wade •

Goal: Using prompts from another player and playing cards, live another life.

Setup: Each player takes one color of a deck of cards and shuffles the numbered cards. Deal two cards face-up and one face-down then shuffle their aces and face cards into their half-deck and place the face-down card on top. The face-up cards provide the starting point for your life's story. The value of each card represents how well-off your parents were. If the cards are of the same suit, then your parents are still together at the start of your story. The sum of the two cards is your starting age.

Play: Each turn, players select a category (Family, Health, Love, Money, Law, Faith) for their partner then draw a card. Each player then relates what occurred to their character over the revealed period of time. This continues until both characters' lives are ended.

Cards: Numbers - How many years have passed 
Faces - An addition/detraction to the previous event
Aces - First ace is an existential crisis - something that causes a drastic change in your life's direction. Second ace is when your character dies.
Suits - Your character gains (hearts/clubs) or loses (diamonds/spades) during this life event.

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