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Dungeons & Driving • 2018 rpg

Gabe Soria • @bitchinville on Twitter

Dungeons & Driving is a slow-paced road trip RPG, where the driver of a car is the DRIVEMASTER and the passengers are WARRIORS, SORCERERS or ROGUES.

Play begins when adventurers enter a dungeon (i.e., the car enters an on-ramp). The Drivemaster tells a story, and at critical junctures when the adventurers encounter a monster, trap, or other obstacle, they are challenged to find a vehicle of the the Drivemaster's choosing on the road. This is their opponent. The first player to find it is drawn into battle.

Battle Order:

Drivemaster adds the numbers on the opponent's license plate.

Players add the numbers on the plate of the first vehicle of their type they see (warriors are SUVs and trucks, sorcerers are vans and sedans, rogues are motorcycles and compacts.)

High number wins.

If the player prevails, they receive treasure based on the defeated plate. Local plates are 10 gold pieces. Plates from bordering entities are 20. Other rewards are determined by the Drivemaster. If a player loses three battles, they're eliminated. The player with the most treasure at the dungeon's exit (an off-ramp or a mileage goal set by the Drivemaster) wins.

Customized/homebrew car rules are encouraged!

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