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Hunting the Darkness • 2018 rpg

James Marston •

Beasts rise from the Darkness to consume humanity's Light.  Light defends itself by Illuminating human Hunters, granting them a Gift. 

Someone is Guide and sets scenes and controls the Beast.
Others run Hunters and pursue the Beast.

Write a phrase describing your humanity, and one describing your Gift.

You have 5 Light. If you lose all Light, you go Dark and join the Beast.

Write a phrase describing the form of the Beast.
White a phrase describing the Hunger of the Beast - physical, conceptual, or spiritual.

When Hunters act and the Beast opposes them, Hunters roll 2d6 and add 1 if their humanity helps, add 2 if their Gift applies.  Beast rolls 2d6 and add 1 if its form helps and 2 if its Hunger applies.  If Hunters roll higher than the Beast, they succeed and the Beast Loses Darkness. If they fail, they lose Light.  Narrate how.

The Beast has 4 Darkness +1 per Hunter per scene. If reduced to zero, it is Discovered, Cornered, or Defeated.

Set Scenes, ask questions, challenge humanity:
Hunters DISCOVER the Beast and its Hunger as it feeds.
Hunters PURSUE the Beast, it flees.
Hunters CONFRONT the Beast, it fights.

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