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Peril • 2018 rpg

Adam Vass •

3 players. Each needs 3 coins.

Each player chooses to play as embodiment of one of three ethereal forces: Hate, Sadness, or Love.
Peering upon earthly peril from afar (ex: war, famine, fascist uprising, social dissolution, the end of days).

The player to your left is your friend, the player to your right is your enemy.

On a turn, the player proposes a utilitarian solution (best for the most people) to the peril relevant to their force, to which each other player must ask one question that must be resolved.

Once each player has proposed their solution, vote. Heads = yes, tails = no. Place one of your coins in front of each player, conceal your votes somehow, then reveal all votes simultaneously. 

The solution with most Heads votes wins. If any solutions are tied for most, a consensus cannot be reached and no solution is chosen. The players lose and Peril wins.

Author Comments

this is my first entry to this or any contest, excited to become part of it after having been a fan in previous years!

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