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Monkey News Ltd • 2018 rpg

Matthew Adams • no link

One person plays the editor. It is approaching deadline and they need a story now! They come up with a headline like President wins war, or Bananas in short supply.

Other players are the monkeys, sitting at their typewriters and making up news. Each monkey has a quirk that drives them. Players make up what that is. It could be alcoholism, or conspiracy theories concerning bananas, or they want to be the next great American novelist...

Each player is assigned a paragraph of the story, paragraph 1, paragraph 2, etc. The players don't have time to share notes, and must write their paragraphs simultaneously. Of course, their quirk will determine the voice and focus of that paragraph.

Once this is done the players hand their paragraphs to another player, who edits, corrects, etc the other player's paragraph. Each player should edit all the other paragraphs. While this is happening the Editor will shout out more story information to be added to the story, and which monkey is to add it. They may also shout out encouragement or insults to the monkeys.

Once the paragraphs have been written and edited, the Editor collates and reads them aloud.

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