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Droid Middle Management • 2018 rpg

Wildvine Games (Krin Irvine & Venn Wylde) •

It is the future. The world is mostly run by androids. There have still been humans in the workforce, until today. 

Players - any number.
Ongame spot, "Droid Bar" - a bar, coffee shop, or similar space.
Offgame spot, "Shuttle Stop" - nearby place for players to pass through when they exit.

Everyone plays an android middle manager from a large corporation. You are meeting each other for a drink at the Droid Bar after a long hard day of work. You all meet here together about once a month. You each just laid off your last human employees today.

Start individually outside of the Droid Bar area. Each player should decide how their character feels about humans, about laying them off, and about their own personal future at their company. Each player enters separately when they are ready. 

Play to explore how you individually and collectively feel about the liberation or redundancy of humanity, and your own place in the world.

Each player may end their game by saying goodnight to at least one other person, or to the empty room. To debrief, go to the Shuttle Stop, where players can share what they discovered. When you're done, you can leave.

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