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Dealin' with the Devil • 2018 rpg

Chris Hale •

You have died and find yourself in hell. 

The Devil will release you if you can identify a fellow captive and keep your identity a secret.

Players select a deceased historical figure.

For every year since your death, take a point. Keep points secret until a tie, highest total breaks it.

Players RP, asking and answering questions, with only the knowledge their characters would have.

Cleopatra could not ask if someone was on television.

Deal a french deck as evenly as possible. Death, like life, is unfair. 

Decide who begins. They may pass, or assign a card to another player, who follows the card's directive, and then plays a card. Once played, discard cards. A player can risk half their cards to guess an identity. If a player runs out of cards or is correctly guessed they're eliminated. Play until there's a winner.

A- Playable anytime, skip directive.

2,7- 2 minutes of suit based RP

3,8- Answer 3 Y/N questions.

4,9- 4 minutes of suit based RP

5,10- Answer 5 Y/N question


J- Name a person often associated with you

Q- 2 people

K- 3 people

HEARTS - Loves     DIAMONDS - Conflicts     CLUBS - Accomplishments    SPADES - Character's Choice

Author Comments

Thanks to Deena, Jeff Stormer, and Alice for your feedback and support!

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