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Dine in and Die • 2018 rpg

adrian thoen •

You are trapped in a diner while something hunts you. Each player writes a conflicted relationship involving of 2-3 characters. You share ownership of these relationships & characters.

Loosely describe the threat that traps the characters.

Add two D6 per player to a pool.

Take turns setting a scene alternating between one of the following:
Someone faces a frightening experience.
Confront a Relationship conflict.

The active player describes the scene, sets the stakes, and who's involved. Take 2-4 dice from the pool and roll. 
Players act out characters in the scene.

6s: a reconciliation reached, a danger escaped. Banish the die.
2-5s: Someone meets their fate and the dice are added back to the pool. You may banish the die to avoid their fate.
1s: Banish the die.

When less than half of the characters remain, or less than 1/3 of the pool remains, the final showdown begins. For each relationship reconciled, return a banished die. Roll the Dice pool.

Take turns selecting a die and describing someone's fate:

6s: someone escapes the diner.
2-5s: Someone sacrifices themselves to save another.
1s: Someone dies meaninglessly.

Author Comments

Thanks to Ben Scerri for the amazing editing pass!

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