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Thief of Lives • 2018 rpg

Shawn Stormo • no link

Each player is an anti-hero in a group of villains who have just stolen different artifacts from servants of good to give to your dark overlord. He needs these powerful items to move on with his plan, but you need to test them first, right?

Your artifact helps you steal something else (souls, bodies, memories, time, love) What does it steal?

Who did you steal the artifact from, how were they using it, and why will they miss it? Why does thinking of them when you use the artifact cause you pain?

Write down 7 traits relating to what your artifact steals. Try to relate these to your being a villain. ( for example--choosing memories--one trait would be your reason for loyalty) Use these traits as a guideline when role-playing your character.

Using the artifact changes you according to what it steals. You gain the traits you steal from your victims. When you gain a new trait, erase the oldest one.

Can you still get along in the group? Would you steal from your teammates to help the mission?

Can you complete your quest? If you can, will you? (knowing that your overlord will be similarly affected?)

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