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Mission Impawssible • 2018 rpg

Saffire Grant •

A GMless story game. 

2 - 4 players. Play to find out what happens. 

You are at a country fair taking part in the Chihuahua dog show. Finnish Lapphunds, Otso and Anya have stolen Peanut the Chihuahua's favorite toy and hidden it on the fairgrounds. It is up to the Chihuahua pack to retrieve it. Overcome obstacles of animals, sideshows, rides, other dogs, people and more. 

Find and share a picture of a Chihuahua. Give them a name.

Collaborate to narrate scenes;

Scene 1. Peanut gives mission. Escape the dog exhibit. 

Scene 2. Traverse the fairgrounds. Lend a paw to get a lead. 

Scene 3. Face Otso and Anya. Retrieve the toy. 

Earn a token by getting into trouble;

'Nobody told me I'm Tiny!'. Channel a 60-pound beast. What do you do?

'What's that?'. You sense something you cannot resist.

'Yap! Yap!'. Excited/scared/bored/no exact reason? You draw unwanted attention. 

Use tokens to activate moves; 

'So smart'. Describe how you use your smarts to overcome the situation.
'Lucky dog'. Describe how luck played out in your favor.

'Adorabilize'. Describe how you charm and melt hearts to get your way.

'Sheer determination'. Describe how you push through the situation.

Author Comments

Thank you so much Tor for taking the time to play-test with me and provide useful feedback.

Big thanks to the very real, very friendly, very adorable and super fluffy Otso and Anya who provided inspiration for the ‘toy theives’ (they wouldn’t do that in real life).

And finally, a massive thank you to my muse, Peanut the Chihuahua. Who has taught me so much about how impulsive, comical, brave, annoying, intelligent, adorable, fragile, persistent, aggressive, ridiculous and lovable Chihuahuas are as a breed.

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