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We Can Once More Ascend • 2018 rpg

Senda Linaugh •

"We are descended from Gods. When need arises, we can once more ascend," your grandmother whispered in your ear, pressing the bow into your hands.

You need: GM, player, polyhedral dice.

Player: You are from an isolated village. The storm is coming. It travels swiftly, an arrow of chaos. Someone must stop it. You.


Your village and why you love it
You, a normal villager
Your fear

GM: Describe the scenes and create threats. Escalate with each scene. Take inspiration from the scene list, village, and their fear. When the player succeeds, move to the next scene.

- A Bear
- The Crossing
- Climbing to the sky
- The Storm

Start with two d6. One represents your fear, the other your self. When you take action in the face of danger, roll your self die and fear die. 
- When fear is higher, fail. Create an additional fear. One fear manifests -- attempt to overcome it. If you fail, move self down one step. Either way, move forward with the scene.
- When self is higher, succeed, and ascend. With each ascension, describe how you become closer to embodying lightning, and increase self one step. 

D6: Mundane
D8: Hero
D10: Demigod
D12: Lightning

Author Comments

This is a game about optimistically managing and overcoming the fallout of emotional trauma. Inspiration also came from Imogen Heap’s “Minds Without Fear” You can also check out an AP of this game (coming soon) on She’s a Super Geek (

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