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We will be together till the end • 2018 rpg

Thiago Righetti •

- The players´s characters are dying (disease, poisoning, wounds, curse...)

- Any scenario or setting is allowed

- A character has two characteristics (Physical and Mental) and the player has to chose which one is Strong and whico one is Weak

- A character has a Final Ambition before dying. The group may have a shared Final Ambition besides they particular Ambitions, though this is not mandatory

- A character has seven six-sided dices representing her Last Efforts to achieve the Final Ambition

- Every time a Challenge has to be performed, a player should roll two dices for his Strong characteristic, or one dice for the Weak one. The GM defines which characteristic to use in a Challenge. The dices that were rolled, are then discarded, independent of the result

- A 5 or 6 results in a success of that Challenge, thus the player can narrate what happens next

- One character can help during another character Challenge roll by sacrificing a die to give +1 bonus value to that roll. Both narrate the outcome of the Challenge if succeded

- A character dies when her Last Efforts dices are over

- The objective is to try to fulfill the group´s Ambitions before dying

Author Comments

A game about hopelessness, and trying to achieve an ambition in the end of life. With or without the help of others.

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