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Alan's Remorse • 2018 rpg

Michał Grubby Jakubowski • no link

You sit around in Alan's Remorse, worst part of the town. Softened by opium, dulled by absinth, flustered by jazz. An old revolver's between you.

One of you isn't human. Maybe it's you? Noone knows.

You have to know.

So everyone tells a story from their life. Couple of words about a daunting first love or an unsettled quarrel. Maybe something about one's mother. If one remember having a mother, of course. 

Use one as a theme: apathy, isolation, asexuality, strangeness, restraint, compulsion.

While speaking, one shall be asked one question by the others.  That's the rest trying to figure out if one's human or not. "What have you felt, then?" is a good one. "Why haven't you felt anything, then?" is even better.

If you're satisfied with their answer, give them +1. If not, give them -1.

When everyone's finished, vote for least humane story. Then you take the revolver and you kill its teller, that bastard. Hope you made a good decision.

Roll d6, modifiers apply. On 3 or less, you killed the odd one. On 4 or more, you killed a human - so you vote and kill again, and again until you know the truth. 

Author Comments

Co-written with: Mateusz Nowak, Magda Kira Wielądek

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