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After Man • 2018 rpg

Jim Odebralski • no link

After Man

It is an unknown time after humans have destroyed themselves. Animals have evolved and started their own civilizations. The rodents have evolved the fastest. Thus, the character races are mice, rats, racoon, rabbits, and so on. Squirrels are the most advanced and have sprawling tree cities. They adventure in the ruins of the ancients (human cities). Other animals evolved into more vicious predators. Think D&D with different rodent races. The grey squirrels are the most abundant and common of the hero races. While the mice are the most abundant of the evil races, think of them as the goblin and rats as the orc.


Human descendants in After Man are giant (compared to our heroes) mutated monstrosities. They inhabit the vast overgrown ruins of an ancient time. But these ruins are also a place of wonderous treasures.


Just as the ape and man share the same ancestry, the rodents diverged as well. Meaning some just became larger versions of their old self. These are used for labor and mounts for the military of the squirrel kingdoms. The ability of rodents to climb most natural surfaces has led to alternative forms of combat and weapon designs.

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