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The Dragon's Den • 2018 rpg

H. R. Gelston • no link

Players take the role of an adventurer in a dragon's den.
You need a gamemaster and at least one player.
Gamemasters control the dragon and decide if rolls succeed.
The goal of the game is to neutralize the dragon via murder or appeasement.
Players begin by drawing seven cards.
There are five different cards that determine play.
Charisma cards let you roll to charm the dragon.
Strength cards let you roll to kill him.
Endurance cards let you roll to take straight-up damage from fire breath.
Dodge cards let you roll to get out of his way.
To roll you use a d20.
The dragon will always attack you on his turn until neutralized.
He can either snarl, bite, or breathe fire based on which dragon card the gamemaster draws. 
When he snarls, you discard two of your cards.
When he bites, you take 10 damage.
When he breathes fire, you take 10 damage for your next three turns (on a succeeded Endurance roll you take 15 straight-up).
You begin with 125/125 HP. Damage lowers your HP until you die.
Player draw one card per turn. The cover card lets you draw two cards on your turn.

Author Comments

Requires Custom Cards and 1d20

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