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Great Wall • 2018 rpg

Sam Liberty •

3+ players
Index cards
Fortune Cookies

You are ADULTS returning to your home town. You are in a restaurant called GREAT WALL with FRIENDS from high school.

Put FORTUNE COOKIES on the table (1/player). Everyone gets an Index Card.

On the card write down three DRIVES:

1) Settle a score with ______
2) Make amends for _______
3) Resolve tension between ______ and me about _______

Leave room to MARK each drive thrice. 

At the bottom of the card write the QUESTION "What will happen to me after I leave here?" and leave room to answer it.

Every time you talk about one of your drives, MARK it. 

Talk about an event from long ago. Different players will remember it differently. When a DRIVE has three MARKS, resolve it, whatever that means to you. Do not mention it again.

When player marks a drive, ESCALATE a cookie. If it is wrapped, unwrap it. If it is whole, break it. If it is broken, eat half. When a COOKIE is gone, a player must use its fortune to answer the question on their card.

To prevent that answer from coming to pass, a player must EAT the fortune. Otherwise it will come true.

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An open beta of the full game:

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