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Irrlicht - A Will-o'-the-Wisp Charade RPG • 2018 rpg

ms.werepug •

Adventurers have been trapped in a dungeon. An Irrlicht appears and seems to want to help. But what intention does it have?

16 Game-rounds:

- Gamemaster generates room
- Irrlicht's Foretelling
- Adventurers' Turn


- Take a chess-board.
- Pick start and endpoint of dungeon.
- Decide whether high or low is good. Only tell the Irrlicht.
- When Irrlicht rolls: Good roll - give a right direction. Bad roll - give a wrong direction.
- Before round: Decide content of room, give Irrlicht 3 words describing it.

- Decide whether you are good or bad, tell Gamemaster.
  - Goals for good: Lead adventurers safely out of dungeon.
  - Evil: Can lie. Kill adventures before becoming disenchanted.
- Roll a dice. Gamemaster gives direction. Show adventurers a direction.
- Foretelling: Describe next room only with body motions.

- Decide which adventurer to put first depending on Irrlicht's foretelling.
- Move inside room. Can't move diagonally.

  The rooms:
  - Melee-Monster, pick Warrior.
  - Magic-Monster, Magician.
  - Trap-room, Rogue.

- Each Adventurer has 3 lives.
- Each wrong room: first adventurer loses 1 life.

Special abilities (once a game):
- Warrior: Take damage instead of other adventurer
- Magician: Disenchant Irrlicht. If bad: Win the game. If good: lose the game.
- Rogue: GM tells you Room-type of next room (after foretelling).

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