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Millennials Ruin Everything! • 2018 rpg

Tara M. Clapper •

Eight round accessible larp for up to eight players. Millennials dismantle oppressive systems; online play friendly.

-Pen, paper. If participant is unable to draw (physical limitations), a volunteer may assist. 
-Fire-safe bucket.
-Water (for emergency, hydration).

One person plays a millennial Speaker (facilitator/leader). Others portray millennial elected officials. 

The player who last paid a government tax, toll, or fine goes first.

The Speaker moderates each round. Length of each round determined by participants. Each participant must propose dismantling of 1+ institution (see list below). Speaker may use stopwatch/timer. Participants are encouraged to replace oppressive institutions with more specific establishments (corrupted democratic republic, failing healthcare system) or those affecting them directly.

Each round may only continue when participants agree upon a solution for ruining that round's institution.


-Player choice
-A government structure

After each round, one participant illustrates a representation of the dismantled institution. When rounds are complete, players compile illustrations (hold up visibly if remote) and collectively burn them, shouting together "Millennials ruin everything!"  

Optional hydration mechanic: Participants may drink water after each round, representing necessary self-care and emotional labor required to dismantle these systems.

Author Comments

Thanks to Joe Hines for his review and edit of this work. Please be mindful of physical and emotional safety when you play this LARP. If you play indoors, you may set off a smoke detector! To play without fire, rip or shred the paper instead.

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