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Pay it Forward • 2018 rpg

Effie Matteson •

A coin and two or more players.

"Kindness goes a long way" they said. They also said that it was better to give than to receive. But what if you could do both?

The person with the shortest pinky starts the game by describing a fictional random act of kindness bestowed upon them. The person to their immediate right gives a glimpse to their characters own needs. The first player bestows a kindness* upon them, with detail. Flip the coin to see if the receiver pays it forward (heads) or halts the kindness (tails) with themselves.  

Halting the kindness removes the player from the game.  Pass the coin to the next person on the right. They start describing their character, with the person on the left describing the kindness their character will bestow. Play continues counter-clockwise until only one player remains.

In the end? Everyone wins. 

Pay it forward.

*Acts of kindness should be realistic. No grand gestures of throwing money at the problem.

Author Comments

A feel-good storytelling game.

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