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Evolution • 2018 rpg

d4rr311 • no link

How will your species evolve and become extinct?

In the beginning . . . work together to create an intelligent species at the top of the food chain and choose a player to go first.

On your turn, describe how the species evolves, then roll a d6. An odd number results in an Odd Mutation. Describe what the Odd Mutation is and how it developed. If you roll a 1, an Extinction Level Event occurs. Describe the event and how the species goes extinct.

After an Extinction Level Event, the next player is responsible for creating a new species. Play then continues as before. If that player has already been responsible for creating a new species, the task passes to the next player in line until all players have created a new species.

Once each player has created a new species following an Extinction Level Event, the next one is the total destruction of the world. Work together to describe how it happens.

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