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Puppies • 2018 rpg

Giulia Cursi & -Spiegel- •

Every player takes 10 tokens and creates a Puppy by following these steps:
- Chooses a name.
- Describes why their Puppy is adorable, wild and human. All three options must be chosen. 

In turn each player will be the World, and they have to follow this list:
- Frame a scene.
- Describe a mysterious place.
- Play every secondary character, but not all secondary characters can talk with puppies, so they'll use other kinds of communication.
- Spend 1 token to describe something frightening.
- Close the scene.

Puppy Moves
When a Puppy explores the environment, describes how they do it and spend 1 token. The World will add details to the environment.

When a Puppy physically interacts with another Puppy, spend 1 token and describe a body detail of the other one.

When a Puppy helps someone, they spend 1 token and the World describes the outcome.

if you didn't activate the move you can spend 2 tokens to steal the role of another player and describe the outcome of a move.

At the end of a scene every player (except the World) will add a new detail to their Puppy.
The game ends when the tokens are finished.

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