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GPS Pursuit • 2018 rpg

Todd Crapper •

GPS Pursuit

You are a spy, a criminal, a bank robber... it doesn't matter. You need to reach the safe house in the next 30 minutes before others can stop you and bring you in for questioning. 

Get in your car and set your GPS to a known destination of your choice. Start driving. As you drive, the GPS will tell you which route to take - DO NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE! Your enemies are waiting for you there and will catch you if you follow your GPS' directions. Take alternate routes. As soon as the GPS calculates another route and announces it, get off that road and change routes.

When you are within 500 metres of your final destination, you can continue to drive on that road. If you cannot reach your final destination within 30 seconds, you must get off that road and try again. 

When you get out of your car, hit the button on your keys to lock the doors. This will cause the car to explode and allow you to make your escape. 

If you need to be reminded to drive safe, you should not play this game or have a driver's licence. 

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