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Hypoxia • 2018 rpg

A Nowak • no link

Each player gets their own Jenga tower.

The players are quickly running out of oxygen. Choose why. 

In space
Mine collapse
Buried alive
Gas leak
Bomb shelter failure
High Altitude

Decide or play out events leading up to this. When the situation becomes dire and players realize oxygen is scarce begin pulling blocks. 

Pull once for: 
Minor physical actions (walking, standing up from the ground, writing, opening a door)
Short sentences
3 minutes have passed in real time (variable per group)

Pull twice for:
Long sentences or multiple short sentences
Major physical actions (violence, lifting something over 20 pounds, running)

Don't pull for: 
Single words
Small gestures and minuscule physical acts (nods, pointing, holding something under 5 pounds)

Sacrifice: Hold your breath while pulling once or twice so another player can do a pullable action without pulling themselves. 

If a tower falls a player is unconscious but not dead. If all towers fall or a solution is not found for unconscious players they die.

Tips for atmosphere: Play in a dark or darkening room. Have players remove some blocks before play for more tension at the start. 

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