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Minutes to Midnight • 2018 rpg

Dale Elvy •

One player is the runner, who recently discovered a significant secret.  

The other players are pursuers, who stop at nothing to prevent the secret getting out.

RUNNER: name and describe your character.  Take a piece of paper and write the secret somewhere on it. Fold in half and keep folded for the game.
PURSUERS:  in turn, name and describe your character, anywhere on one side of the folded paper  write a location.

RUNNER: anywhere on the folded paper, write the names of key contacts who may help you, one for each pursuer.  Write two locations significant to the secret.

THE RUN: Runner, choose a written location and describe traversing it.  Choose a contact to meet.

THE CHASE: a pursuer tears the folded page in a single, continuous, motion. If the letters of the current contact or location are torn, they are no longer safe for the runner.  Repeat THE RUN.  If not, repeat THE CHASE with the next pursuer.  

The game ends when every Pursuer has chased twice or the runner has spent two consecutive chases meeting the same contact, or traversing the same location.  

If the secret is understood from any single piece of unfolded paper, it's out. 

Author Comments

Minutes to Midnight is intended to evoke a tense, cinematic thriller experience, using only a single piece of paper, pen or pencil, and the imagination of the participants. Inspired by the ‘tearing’ feeling in your lungs following a sudden sprint.

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