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Ramblin' Man • 2018 rpg

Che Pieper • no link

One player is the Stranger, the other the town.

Together, create six townspeople, each with issues to resolve. Decide who the Stranger is-- scam-artist, politician, missionary, all that matters is they're selling something.

Turns 1-6: a different Citizen confronts the Stranger. Play the scene to a climax, then roll two dice.


...The Stranger can pitch their project as a solution to the Citizen's problem, roll another die and drop the lowest.
...The Stranger can base their pitch in something they've said to another Citizen, roll another die and drop the lowest.
...the Stranger's pitch contradicts the Citizen's worldview, roll another die and drop the highest.
...the Stranger's pitch contradicts to something they claimed earlier, roll two additional dice and drop the highest two.

1-6                      They don't trust the Stranger.
7-9                      They're uncertain, but buying.
10+                      The Stranger wins them over.

Turn 7: An Authority figure arrives. There is a final judgement. Play to climax, then roll three dice.

If the townsfolk are...

...Suspicious, drop highest.
...Supportive, drop lowest.
...Uncertain or Tied, drop median.

1-6                     The Stranger flees town.
7-9                     The Stranger's plan succeeds.
10+                     The Stranger feels sentimental, and settles down among friends.

Author Comments

Inspired by the grand tradition of stories about Salesmen– Big Fish and Music Man particularly.

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