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Garbage Sons RPG • 2018 rpg

Bus • no link

Each of you is one of my shit boys. Now you will, in turn, recount the terrible things you have done to me, your nice dad. Retell your toilet behavior from each dumpster-fire below:

1. Your nice dad once had a perfectly good 2010 Saab sedan, but his garbage sons brought it to ruin. What did you do to your nice dad's wonderful Saab?
2. What did you give your nice dad for his worst, most recent birthday?
3. My garbage sons love to steal my credit card and buy bad things. What do you buy when you steal your nice dad's credit card?
4. All of my garbage sons got together to ruin my reputation. What did you gutter boys coordinate to defame your nice dad?

You trash mountains came marching out of my huge beautiful wife to do mischief upon your nice dad and his wonderful car. You make our days sour and our nights rancid.

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