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The U.S.S. RPD D6 • 2018 rpg

Grievouspawn • no link

Choose 3-5 aptitudes; divide twelve points between aptitudes; one point equals one level; dice pool equals 4d6; total aptitudes' levels plus pool equals health. 
Gamemaster describes the challenge to be overcome, an aptitude is chosen, aptitude's level equals target.  Situation and appropriateness of the aptitude may adjust pool; minimum pool equals one. 
Gamemaster's pool is determined by how difficult the challenge, easy 2d6, moderate 4d6, hard 6d6, extreme 8d6; target is half of pool; target may be adjusted based on the situation. 
Gamemaster's pool plus target equals NPC's health. 
Dice equal or lower than target succeed. 
Ones re-roll. 
Sixes never succeed. 
Cumulative total of four ones during a challenge equals critical success. 
All sixes on initial roll equals critical failure. 
Both sides roll and count successes, higher total of successes overcomes. 
Tiebreakers are - highest target, largest adjusted pool, largest unadjusted pool, still tied equals failure. 
Initiative challenge; tie equals simultaneous action. 
Combat challenge; loser subtracts health equal to difference in successes, same number of successes equals no damage. 
Zero health equals unconsciousness. 
Overcoming a challenge gains one tick. 
Spend ticks on: Increasing aptitude's level-10x new level, Gain new aptitude-40, Increasing dice pool one die-60. 

Author Comments

Great fun! Thanx to the Organizers. I am glad one of your Readers suggested I write something for this. Thanx to my group for putting up with me while I worked this out. The germ of the idea comes from playing a miniatures game many years ago, rolling fistfuls of d6’s and watching for the explosions.

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