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The Widening Gyre • 2018 rpg

Bryant Durrell •

Each player embodies one of the Families who rule the world from behind the scenes. Distribute ten points among Arcane, Science, Power, Secrecy, and Manipulation. Name the Family head. Choose a city as a base.

Your Friendship towards each other Family is 6. When another Family tries to harm yours, roll 1d6. If the roll is equal or less than your Friendship towards them, subtract 1 from your Friendship. Floor is 1.

Their Friendship towards you is their business. They track it separately.

Take turns doing things, rooted in the fiction. Mechanical effects can include:

- adding 1 to a stat (subtract 1 if you fail)
- making another Family's stat unusable for a cycle
- moving your base
- developing a speciality (+1 to a specific fictional type of thing)
- doing something else cool with a game result that matches the fictional result

To do a thing, choose two stats and roll 1d6. If you roll under the total, succeed. To defend against a thing, add one of your stats to the total they rolled.

Add or subtract 1 if you're doing things in your base city. 

If a Family's stat sum (excepting Friendships) is under 6, the Family dies.

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