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Kinda Shady, Morally Speaking (Breaking Bad) • 2018 rpg

Epistolary Richard •

You play two partners moving from legitimate employment into crime, the moral rules they make for themselves, and why they ultimately break them.

Pick or roll:
One-Burglary, robbery
Two-Fraud, money laundering
Three-Extortion, contract violence
Four-Bribery, corruption
Six-Sex work

Pick legitimate employment that lends itself to such crime.

Alternate asking leading questions ('yes/no' answers) about your characters, what led them to crime, what each partner contributes.

Write a few moral rules (stuff you won't do for crime). One rule must be "I won't betray my partner".

The game is several conversations in which you establish what pushed each character to break their rules.

Pick a rule. The partners begin sitting together, like in a diner or car, just after the rule was broken.

Speak only in character. Imply actions rather than narrating them.

Begin with "Are you going to say anything?"

"I don't want to talk about it," signals you want more leading questions.

When it's clear why the rule was broken, end the conversation with "I've got to go."

Discard the rule or qualify it e.g "unless my life is at stake". 

Repeat until all rules are discarded. Leave "I won't betray my partner" until last.

Author Comments

Inspired by the relationship between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. The form comes from the background character of Dee-Dee from The Wire who said “Whatever it is you tell yourself you won’t do to get high, you’re pretty much making a list of everything you will do as soon as your inner addict tells you to.”

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